One of six kids, Dan was born and raised in Traverse City. He is a partner in Thompson & O’Neil, one of northern Michigan’s oldest and most respected law firms. Dan and his wife, Maura Brennan, raised three children in our community.  Dan has been active in the community. He coached high school lacrosse and boys and girls youth basketball. He also served ten years on the Traverse City Planning Commission, was on the board of Common Cause Michigan and spent more than twenty years on the executive board of the Michigan Association of Justice. Dan has been involved on the local, state and national levels advocating for campaign finance reform, and exposing the corrupting influence of money on our political system.

“I never intended to run for office, but when I saw that Michigan’s schools were among the worst in the nation, our failure to maintain the state’s infrastructure resulted in 6 billion gallons of raw sewage being dumped into the Great Lakes every year, and that our state government is ranked dead last in the country in ethics and transparency, I just couldn’t sit still any longer.

I’m tired of being told by politicians in Lansing that these problems can’t be solved; I don’t believe it. When we work together there is no problem we can’t solve. I believe we have an obligation to build a future we can be proud of and to leave this state in better condition than we found it.  Our parents and grandparents did if for us, and we owe the same to our children.”

Dan O'Neil for State Representative

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