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Friends of Dan O'Neil

It's time for change. Together, there is no problem we can't solve. We need to concentrate on our shared values rather than our political differences.
Together we can do better!

Meet Dan O'Neil

I am a native of Traverse City and spent most of my life in this community. My wife, Maura Brennan, and I are both practicing attorneys.  We have raised our three children here and are both active in the community.  I have served on the Executive Board of the Michigan Association for Justice, and the board of Common Cause Michigan.  I also served for ten years on the Traverse City Planning Commission.

Times are different

Times are different. I believe a state legislator should have a thorough understanding of his or her community; its difficulties, fears, and aspirations.  Since no community is of a single mind, a legislator must be a consensus builder focusing on the values the community shares and working through the issues that divide. I spend a significant part of my law practice as a mediator assisting other attorneys and litigants to find solutions to difficult issues.  While practicing law certainly involves advocacy, at its heart, trials, appeals and settlements require a developing strategies to find common ground.


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